Man being harassed by Ospac for violating stay at home order in Port Harcourt (Video)

Just this morning, a man was caught by Ospac at akpor grammar school Ozouba violating the stay at home order (total lockdown) by Governor Wike. 

The man cried and begged them to please let him go cause he had three kids and needs to feed them but they didn’t let him go. After a while a man came to his rescue showing ID cards to the Ospac that he works with the state CID and asked them (Ospac) to release the man.
And he was released

Video shows this harassment and how he was released.

Video shows when Ospac adhered to the directives of the Man from the state CID to let him go. Freedom at last.

Stay at home so you won’t be embarrassed or humiliated in this manner.