Royal Planet Liquid Soap

Royal Planet Liquid Soap

*Royal Planet Liquid Soap*

Sometimes doing the dishes can be tedious, especially when the washing agent is not as active as Royal Planet Liquid Soap.

Royal Planet Liquid Soap is a washing liquid agent that provides easy life thus makes doing dishes easier, especially in the trending society of various cultural dishes.

It provides vitamin E and  a redolence fresh scent which keeps your kitchen in a perfect scent!

It is a product that is tested and trusted, which is manufactured by Kalacci Investment Ltd.

Distributors are needed nationwide.

For more information, 

call: 08133614248, 09050331899 or 08174076982.
Whatsapp: 08133614248

Endorsed by Ifelemanta Magazine!
Proudly Made in Nigeria!!
Proudly Made in Aba!!!